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Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary actions taken by the Board since January 1, 2018 are listed below.



  • In the Matter of Mills Funeral Home, Inc. and Clemonte Mills  (M17-031)


  • In the Matter of Howell Funeral Service, Inc. and Donald Rierson  (M17-035)
  • In the Matter of Howell Funeral Services of Pilot Mountain, Inc. d/b/a Howell-Nelson Funeral Service & Crematory and Ralph D. Howell, Sr.   (M17-045, C17-057, and C17-063)
  • In the Matter of Lewis-Bowen Funeral Home and Jeffery W. Lewis  (M15-027)


  • In the Matter of Faiger Megrea Blackwell  (M15-043)
  • In the Matter of Lawrence Jackson Funeral Home, Lawrence Jackson, III, Lawrence Jackson III Chapel, and Jackson Mutual Burial Association  (M16-057)


  • In the Matter of Faiger Megrea Blackwell  (M15-043)
  • In the Matter of Heather Nicole Tallent  (T18-001)
  • In the Matter of Stokes Mutual Burial Association, and Marian Sherrod Lewis  (M16-045)


  • In the Matter of W. H. Whitley & Sons. d/b/a Whitley’s Funeral Home and, David E. Whitley  (M18-004)
  • In the Matter of Hart Funeral Service, Inc. and Darryl J. Hart   (M17-038; C17-070)


  • In the Matter of Bryan-Lee Funeral Home, P. Alex Lee, Harold Hill, and James S. Lee  (M17-036, M17-040, M17-048)
  • In the Matter of Carolina Mortuary Service & Cremation, Inc. and Benjamin A. Bellante  (C17-060, P17-042)
  • In the Matter of Carriage Funeral Holdings, Inc. d/b/a Cumby Family Funeral Service  (C17-082)