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Note: Complaints will not be accepted verbally by phone. If you have general questions regarding the complaint process, please call the Consumer Complaint Hotline at (919) 743-5646. North Carolina residents can also call the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service (the “Board”) toll-free at (800) 862-0636.

Note: The Board does not regulate cemeteries. Complaints involving cemeteries should be directed to the North Carolina Cemetery Commission.

More details on the Complaint Process are available by clicking here. To access a PDF version of the Consumer Complaint Form click here.

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License numbers can be found in the Directory of Licensees, located in the main site menu.

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Submission Terms of Agreement

I, the undersigned, hereby submit the above complaint, and attest that it is true and accurate to the best of my recollection. I agree to cooperate by furnishing to the representatives of the Board all pertinent or requested information and records in my possession concerning the alleged misconduct of the person or entity against whom I have complained. I further agree that I will testify as a witness if a hearing is held concerning the alleged misconduct of the person or entity against whom I have complained.

I understand that my identity will be disclosed to the funeral establishment/crematory/person against whom I have complained. I understand that anonymous complaints will not be processed. I understand that, except in limited circumstances, North Carolina public records laws require that copies of complaints and responses be made available to anyone who requests them.

I understand that the Board cannot give me legal advice, cannot represent me or intervene on my behalf in any court proceeding, and cannot provide any opinions or make any determinations regarding civil liability. I understand that if I believe I have suffered damages because of an act or omission of a licensee of the Board, I should not wait for the Board’s disposition of a consumer complaint before pursuing any legal claim or seeking legal advice.

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