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Please note that the NC Board of Funeral Service has discontinued all FAX service and now relies upon digital transmission of documents through email or a mail delivery service. Some application forms and other documents on this page still show a FAX number. We are in the process of revising application forms and other documents to remove any reference to a FAX number.

Consumer Resources

Board Information

Learn About the Board, its members, laws, and other information.

FTC Advice for Consumers

Find advice about choosing a funeral home and cemetery site, cost information, planning your own funeral, and more at the Federal Trade Commission Consumer Advice webpage.

Apply for Preneed Reimbursement

Apply for Reimbursement of Preneed Recovery Fund.

Look-up Funeral Home or Crematory

Verify the License of a Funeral Home or Crematory.

File a Complaint

Use this form to File a Complaint Against a Funeral Home or Crematory.

Mutual Burial Associations

Find information about MBA Certificates of Credit – Accepting Funeral Establishments.

Request for Board to Provide Copy of Preneed Contract

Request for Copy or Copies of Preneed Contract Documents