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The NC Board of Funeral Service lost telephone service on Monday, March 6, 2023. We have done all that we can in contacts with the NC Department of Information Technology to restore our service. On Monday, the Department of Information Technology responded to our requests promptly, and they requested repairs from AT&T. To date, AT&T has not responded to these requests.

We regret the frustration you likely have experienced in attempts to reach our staff, and we understand the difficulty you may have encountered in seeking assistance on issues important to you. At present, email is our only means of communication with our stakeholders.

We are hopeful that AT&T will restore our service soon. Until then, please know our regret for this unfortunate and unacceptable interruption in our telephone service.

Licensee Look-up


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** NOTICE **

The link to the individual licensee lookup is: https://ncbfs.igovsolution.net/online/Lookups/Individual_Lookup.aspx. This page and earlier documents may have linked to a “.com” extension for the this link. The IGOV portal no longer accepts the “.com” extension and now requires “.net”. If you get an error going to the lookup page, make sure that the URL in the address bar of your browser shows the correct link with the “.net” extension. Please also update any bookmarks you may have to the portal.

Lookup and Verify an Individual Licensee.