Board Information

2018 Board Officers

President       Matt P. Staton (2018)
Vice President       Charles J. Graves (2019)
Secretary       Steve Herndon (2020)

2018 Board Members

Valdus T. Lockhart (2020) Craig Olive (2020) Michael (Mike) C. Stone (2020)
Chris Watson (2020) Mark Blake (2019) Don Brown (2019)
Terms expire on December 31 of the year indicated by parenthesis.
Mr. Olive and Mr. Stone are public members.

Board Staff    

Executive Director Stephen E. Davis
Policy, Ex-Officio of Board Committees, Manager of Board Staff
Executive Assistant Sharon Devine
Accounts Payable, general preneed questions, annual report support, contract filings, COPs
Administrative Services Coordinator Marty Mills
Licensing for establishments, crematories, individuals, continuing education, examinations
Preneed Services Administrator Tanya Pearson
Preneed program Laws & Regs, consumer preneed questions, contract and filing requirements
Administrative Assistant / Receptionist Lisa Daye
General information, traineeship and administrative support
Preneed Program Assistant Lyn Cochrane
General preneed questions, COPs, contract filings
Attorney Catherine Lee
General Counsel
Legal Assistant
Amy Mauldin
Traineeships, Pending recovery fund claims, other matters related to legal support
Alice Knowles
Pending recovery fund claims, other matters related to legal support
Data Processing Clerk Valencia Brown
Preneed contract processing, preneed verifications and COPs
Compliance Laws & Rules Opinions
Traineeship Information about Traineeship Program
Renewals Information about Licensee Renewals
Inspectors Find information about Board Inspectors here Names, Contact, County Listing

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