Applications and Forms

Individual Licenses


Applicants for licensure as a funeral director, funeral service licensee, or embalmer may register for the required examinations by completing the documents listed under "Exam Registration".

Exam Registration

To register for the North Carolina Laws and Rules Examination, please complete the form below and return it to the Board.

To register for the National Board Examinations, click here.
To register for the North Carolina Pathology Examination, click here.
To register for the North Carolina State Board Examinations, click here.

Electronic Fingerprint

Work Reports and Checklists
Employment Supervision Reference and Guidelines

North Carolina Funeral Establishment Licenses

New Establishment

New Establishment Application Checklist  (SOP-9Ai)
Application for Registration of New Funeral Establishment  (BFS-17 Apply)


Application for Preneed Funeral Establishment License  (PN-3 Apply)

Application for Registration/Renewal of a Chapel  (BFS-57 Apply or Renew)


New Crematory Application Checklist  (SOP-9Bi)
North Carolina Board of Funeral Service Cremation Guidelines  (2013 Edition)
Crematory Licensee Application  (BFS-52 Apply)

  Model Cremation Authorization

Medical Examiner Authorization for Cremation  (DHHS 1181)

Model Waiver of Waiting Period for Cremation  (BFS-55)
Receipt of Human Remains  (BFS-56A)
Record of Cremation  (BFS-56B)
Delivery of Cremated Remains from Crematory (BFS-56C)
Delivery of Cremated Remains from Funeral Home  (BFS-56D)
Authorization for Cremation of Amputated Body Parts  (BFS-56E)
Confirmation of Fetal Death for Cremation  (BFS-56F)
Form combining information on forms 56-A, B, & C  (BFS-56G)

Monthly Cremation Report  (Due by the 10th of the month)

Continuing Education

Instructions: Continuing Education
Application for Continuing Education Provider Approval  (BFS CE-1)
Application for Course Approval  (BFS CE-2)
Application for Instructor Approval  (BFS CE-3)
Continuing Education Class Report  (BFS CE-4)
Continuing Education Program Schedule Submission Form  (BFS CE-5 / BFS CE-5A)
Online Continuing Education Course Approval Request Form  (BFS CEOL)
Continuing Education Content Guidelines


Establishment Forms

Preneed Establishment License Bond
Application for Preneed Funeral Establishment License  (PN-3)
Preneed Manual  (this is a large file 7.5MB)
Preneed Calculator  (XLSX file. Updated 8/4/2017)
Certificate of Performance of Preneed Funeral Contract  (PN-5)
Preneed Substitution of Financial Institution  (PN-4)

Sales Licensees

Preneed Sales Licensees Schedule A  (PN-3A)

Insurance Contracts

Standard Insurance Contract  (NCBFS PNSI + SG&S)
Inflation-Proof Insurance Contract  (NCBFS PNII + ISG&S)

Trust Contracts

Standard Trust Contract  (NCBFS PNST + SG&S)
Inflation-Proof Trust Contract  (NCBFS PNIT + ISG&S)

Sample Letters and Guidelines

Sample Release Letter: Authorization to Release Customer Information
Sample Insurance Letter
Procedures for Amending Previously-Filed Preneed Contracts
Revoking an Irrevocable Preneed Contract


Request for Declaratory Ruling  (DR-1)
Request for Review of Public Records
NC Public Health Department - Authorization for Release of Remains  (OCME0082)

New Unaffiliated Permit Application Checklist  (SOP-9Di)
New Embalming Facility Application Checklist  (SOP-9Ei)

Please contact the Board office for the following:
Courtesy Card Application