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Continuing Education

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Executive Director
Stephen Davis
(919) 743-5635
Assistant Director
Amy D. Acord
(919) 743-5646 
Administrative Officer 
Karen Loveland
(919) 743-5632
Continuing Education
Glenda Ryan
(919) 743-5642
At-Need Services/ Licensure
Amy D. Acord
(919) 743-5646
Deborah Adams
(919) 743-5636


Preneed Program Manager
Paul Richardson
(919) 743-5637
Senior Preneed Services Specialist
Rebecca Williams
(919) 743-5639 
Preneed Services Specialist    
Phyllecia Townsend-Banks    
(919) 743-5641

Continuing Education

CE Information

Continuing education, or CE, is any educational activity accredited by the Board. CE includes educational activities designed principally to maintain or increase the professional competence of licensees or the understanding of the professional responsibilities of licensees.

For licensees required to complete CE as a prerequisite to annual license renewal, the five hours of approved CE shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Up to two hours may be in courses required by the Board. If the Board requires licensees to take a particular required course or courses, the Board shall notify licensees no later than October 1 of the year preceding the calendar year in which the course(s) will be required.
  2. Licensees may take up to two hours of continuing education each year by computer-based CE approved by the Board as set forth in 21 NCAC 34B .0414.
  3. Licensees may not receive more than two hours of credit for continuing education courses in preneed each year.
  4. Licensees may not receive credit hours for taking the same CE course within two years. 

A newly admitted active licensee may include as credit hours, which may be carried over to the next succeeding year, any approved continuing education hours earned after that licensee’s graduation from mortuary science college.

CE Forms

See our current listing of CE Forms.

CE Listings

There are several formats of continuing education available to licensees:

Seated Courses

Internet-based Courses