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Preneed Annual Report

Welcome to Your 2018 Preneed Annual Report!

In an effort to streamline the preparation and submission of the Preneed Annual Report, the NC Board of Funeral Service has constructed on online portal which enables you to verify the information on your report electronically. You may, of course, print or request a hard copy of your report if you prefer to complete it manually. We hope, however, that you will choose to complete and submit your report using the online option which we believe will be an easier and quicker way to provide this information. We have included General Instructions in addition to the detailed instructions you will find when you open your report. Thank you for your patience in waiting for your 2018 report and for completing the information.

Why Is The Annual Report Online This Year?

In April 2018, the NC Board of Funeral Service implemented a new licensing management system known as iGov. This new system replaced an outdated technology that the Board had been relying upon for a range of licensing activities. The 2018 Preneed Annual Report represents a shift from hard-copy paper processing to electronic processes and forms to make their preparation and submission easier on licensees. The iGov system has the capacity to offer licensees an array of digital-based services such as renewing licenses and payment of fees online. An important advantage of digital processing is timeliness, immediate and reliable confirmation of submissions, an ability to print completed forms and materials to document compliance, and a quick way to send forms and materials to the Board.

Why Is The Preneed Annual Report Going Out In Mid-February?

2019 is a transitional year for generating and distributing the Preneed Annual Report. The Board has worked productively with iGov experts since the beginning of January to construct the online portal and platform for the Report which was a necessary first step in shifting to a digital report. You should still have sufficient time to verify the information on the report and submit it by the deadline. We anticipate that beginning in 2020, the report can be distributed in early January since the portal and platforms have been developed and will be fully operational by then.

Can I Still Complete My Report By Hard Copy?

Yes. The iGov system will allow you to print a copy of your report so that you can complete it manually if you wish. Board staff can also print a hard copy of your report and send to you.

When is My Report Due?

The due date as required by law is March 31, 2019. Reports submitted after this date will be assessed a $150.00 late filing fee.

Be sure to complete the Certification Sheet, have it notarized and send to the NC Board of Funeral Service upon completion of your 2018 Annual Report.


Completion of My 2018 Preneed Annual Report

Once you have accessed your establishment’s annual report, you will see instructions at the top of the page. Please read and follow these instructions carefully since they will guide you through the procedure for updating your report. Your report will include all your active preneed trust-funded and insurance-funded contracts that the Board has received as of December 31, 2018. It will also include all preneed trust-funded and insurance-funded contracts that were closed in 2018. You will need to review this information and assure that it is accurate.

Please note that contracts showing a date under the column headed “Death or Date Closed” include contracts that were cancelled, transferred, or revoked as well as lapsed policies with no value in 2018. A lapsed policy that has any value is considered an active policy until there is no value to report. If your report shows a date listed in this column, you do not need to resubmit a Certificate of Performance.

If your report lists an active contract but your records show that the contract has been performed, cancelled, closed, transferred or revoked, please show the corrected information [i.e., performed, cancelled, closed, transferred, revoked] and the date that one of these actions occurred. You may upload a copy of the Certificate of Performance, notice of cancellation or closed status, transfer form or revocation papers through the online Annual Report system. Alternatively, you may e-mail a copy to Rebecca Williams, Preneed Services Specialist, at rwilliams@ncbfs.org. If a contract has been performed and you did not timely send a Certificate of Performance to the Board, a $25.00 late fee will be imposed in accordance with applicable statutes.

If you have a contract in your possession that was listed on a previous annual report but not on this one, please fax a copy of the contract to (919) 733-8271, or e-mail a copy to rwilliams@ncbfs.org so that we can determine why it did not appear on the 2018 annual report. If you have a preneed contract in your possession but not listed on your Annual Report, you must submit the contract and a Statement of Goods and Services along with the $20.00 filing fee and a $25.00 late filing fee as prescribed by statute.