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IV. Resident Trainee Work Reports and Daily Checklist

Traineeship Frequently Asked Questions

IV.  Resident Trainee Work Reports and Daily Checklist

1.   How do I keep track of the work I complete every month?

Daily Checklists must be completed on a daily basis and kept by the trainee. Monthly work reports must also be completed and sent to the Board. These forms are available here.

2.   How often should I update my monthly work report?

The best practice for meeting the monthly reporting requirement is to update your work report on a daily basis.

3.   When must the Board receive my monthly work reports?

Pursuant to 21 NCAC 43B .0110, your monthly work report must be received by Board staff on or before the 10th calendar day of the month that immediately follows the month for which activities are being reported.

4.   Do I send my Daily Checklists in with my monthly reports?

No. The Daily Checklists are to be retained by the trainee and reviewed periodically by the Board’s Inspectors.

5.   How should I submit my monthly work report to the Board?

Effective as of July 2017, trainees may submit copies of their work reports to the Board office instead of the original work reports. If you choose to submit copies of your work reports, you must retain the originals, which are subject to review periodically by the Board’s Inspectors, in your own files; otherwise, retain a copy for your files. The work reports may be submitted through any of the following ways (do not submit more than one copy):

  • By email in PDF form to trainee@ncbfs.org
  • By fax, to 919-733-8271, Attn: Trainee Administrator
  • By regular mail, to 1033 Wade Avenue, Suite 108, Raleigh NC 27605-1155, Attn: Trainee Administrator